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- Dental Implants -

Dental Implants in Vista and San Diego

Dental implants are prosthetic tooth replacements comprising three key components that work together to replace a tooth from root to crown.

The three components that make up a dental implant include:● The Implant Post: These body-safe metal posts are surgically placed into your jawbone, creating a solid foundation for your replacement tooth or other restorative appliance.● The Abutment: Positioned atop the implant post, the abutment serves as an interface between your gum line and restoration.● The Restoration: Crafted from various high-quality materials, these prosthetic teeth can replace single teeth, multiple teeth in a row, or even an entire arch for implant-supported dentures. Our team will discuss the best options for restoration materials and types for your specific situation at your consultation appointment.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

While our practice prioritizes saving your natural teeth, dental implants are a great option for replacing teeth beyond repair. Our dentist can explain how dental implants will benefit your specific situation, but some of the general benefits include:

    Durability: Dental implant posts fuse to your jawbone and are permanent additions to your smile. This makes them exceptionally sturdy and allows them to stand up to daily use over many years. While implant posts are permanent, our practice can easily address any wear or damage to restorative tooth replacements.

    Enhanced Functionality: Missing teeth can lead to difficulty eating and speaking. Replacing teeth with dental implants provides exceptional stability, meaning they function like natural teeth.

Our Tooth Implant Restoration Process

We begin the dental implant process with a comprehensive assessment of your smile. This assessment aims to determine if dental implants are right for your smile. We often use advanced imaging techniques like CBCT to ensure your jawbone is healthy enough for dental implants. We'll also determine if you could benefit from pretreatment procedures like bone grafts to strengthen the implant site in your jaw.

When placing your implant posts, we'll use computer-guided surgical methods to help us precisely place the posts. After your dental implant posts heal, we complete the process by placing your permanent restoration.

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Providing For Your Pretreatment Needs

In cases where your jawbone has weakened over time due to bone loss caused by missing teeth, our pretreatment services can help solidify and strengthen the implant sites. Our bone graft procedures take a small piece of healthy bone, placing it where you'll receive your implant. With this procedure, we aim to improve the longevity and stability of your dental implant.

Our team also provides gentle extraction services to remove severely damaged teeth or make room for dentures. We'll always discuss any pretreatment needs with you in detail and are happy to answer any questions about the procedures.

Dental Implants FAQs

We understand choosing a practice for your dental implant procedure is a big decision. That's why we're here to help you feel comfortable about our services by offering information and answering your questions. Some of the common questions we receive include:

  • What is the best age to get dental implants?

    We can place dental implants at any age once dental growth is complete, usually around the late teens or early twenties. However, age is less important than overall health and a suitably healthy jawbone.

  • Can dental implants be placed if I have gum disease?

    While gum disease may affect implant success, it doesn't necessarily eliminate the possibility. Our experienced team will assess your gum health and jawbone condition. If gum disease is present, we may recommend treatment before proceeding with implants to provide a strong foundation for a successful, long-lasting outcome.

  • How many teeth do you need for implants?

    There is no set number of teeth you need replaced to qualify for dental implants. The number of teeth you have will simply determine what kind of implant-supported restoration we use to complete your smile. We can use dental implants to replace single or multiple teeth up to a full arch.

Your Practice For Quality Dental Implants In San Diego

At Oasis Smiles, we're passionate about helping patients restore their smiles and oral function. Whether you need a single tooth implant, a bridge, or dentures, our devoted team will help you find the ideal restoration solution. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discover services designed to help you experience the vibrant, complete smile you deserve!

Your Caring, Local Dentist In San Diego & Vista

If you are looking for a dental practice that can provide quality general, cosmetic, and restorative services you and your family deserve, Oasis Smiles is the right choice for you.

We combine seasoned chairside manners with cutting-edge technology to ensure you're in reliable, capable hands that are adamant about delivering satisfying results. We can't wait to welcome you into one of our clean, friendly offices in either Vista or San Diego.

We believe in convenient procedures without skimping on the quality of results. Request your appointment!

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